Here is a brief information about the company CRS Modus.

Here are our basic data:

Marzena Wawro Crs Modus

 Crs Modus, ul. Kłodnicka 99,
41-706 Ruda of Silesia, nip 641-221-52-10, Year of establishment 2007
contact: tel. 694472985, email:
Owner - Marzena Wawro (pictured).

Purpose of the company:
Practical production of articles of high quality,
which address the needs of the recipient.

The company's mission:
Creating a brand CRS as an example of Polish reliability and quality.
Show that the "Polish is good"

The motto of our work is: "We will deliver the words" In our dealings always tell you the truth.

Our pricing is transparent and publicly available. We will inform you honestly about prices, dates, order status, shipping.

Sales department - Marzena Kwaśniewska

     Mobile Phones: +48 694472985,
     Landline: +48 32 75764650

     Department of Technical and Logistics - Anthony Wawro,
     Department of sewing, sewing - Celina Wojewodzic, Yvonne Simon
     Department of graphics and designs - Marzena Wawro.

Antoni Wawro Crs Modus

Currently we have a stationary point where you can pick up the order - Ruda of Silesia, Kłodnicka 99,
Shop and websites:,,,
Shop in the domain Allegro.

Our main products include:

Eco bags, scarves, school and pilgrim hats, reflective vests,

plastron and race numbers, T-shirts, polo t-shirt, etc., however, constantly creating new articles.

We look forward to your contact.

Trust the Polish manufacturer, supporting Polish company.

Thank you for reading our site.
Feel free to contact us and shopping.

I cordially greet

Marzena Wawro


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